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Hey this is Fairy Rox Mother,

[ An Astral Visionaire and Muse Mama ]

I became a model 6+ years ago professionally before capturing muses & curating memories through one moment that will last forever!! I started modeling shortly after realizing my obsessions with cutting models, desingers, esthetically pleasing visuals out of so many magazines and creating college boards 24/7! From signing to a modeling agency in London, to being apart of ANTM, & modeling for Pumas Campaign ( etc ) was truly just the beginning of a beautiful journey!

This past year was myself solidifying the details of my art in all visuals & photography which has been such a healing/meditative growth process. Being raised originally in Chicago curated another vision for me, it's where my love for making art through imagery came to life. We live in a world now where you can make anything you have a passion for into art, it's the freeing feeling you get that makes it yours, makes it special.

Eye am soul happy about opening my bookings up to all of you creative lovelies. If you would like to book your next shoot with me head over to my contact page and let me in on the details. <3


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